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Katie Litts_Academic Profile

Katie M. Litts, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow


  • Advanced Ocular Imaging Program
  • Medical College of Wisconsin Eye Institute
    925 N 87th St
    Milwaukee, WI 53226-0509

Contact Information

General Interests

Cone Photoreceptor Inner Segment


Fellowship at the Medical College of Wisconsin
PhD, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL
BS, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY


My passion for retinal imaging became apparent in graduate school, but I had been interested in the eye since high school. I grew up in Clifton Springs, NY. I attended University of Rochester and earned a BS in Biomedical Engineering with a concentration in Medical Optics. Deciding to learn more about the eye, I attended the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and earned a PhD in Vision Science. My dissertation focused on histopathology and image validation of outer retinal tubulation and cone degeneration in age-related macular degeneration in the lab of Christine Curcio. I joined the AOIP to continue my research interests in retinal imaging.

Research Interests

My research interests in retinal imaging include sources of reflectivity in the outer retina, outer retinal tubulation, and changes of photoreceptor reflectivity using high resolution in vivo imaging in health and disease, including achromatopsia, macular telangiectasia, choroideremia, and age-related macular degeneration.