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Anthony Trenga, MD

Anthony Trenga, MD

PGY-IV Orthopaedic Surgery Resident


Medical School: University of Virginia School of Medicine

Undergraduate: Princeton University


Hometown: Alexandria, VA

Hobbies & interests: Whitewater kayaking, skiing, traveling, watching sports, trading bitcoin, and cooking 

Why I chose MCW: Having not rotated at MCW, I was immediately impressed by the collegial environment of the program and how everyone seemed to get along with one another. That, combined with the early operative experience, made MCW #1 on my rank list. Having now experienced MCW as a resident, those initial impressions were spot-on.

What MCW has to offer a candidate: MCW provides a great hands-on operative experience from day one and a great working environment. It also provides great resources for research that one would expect. Unique aspects of the program include its high volume of orthopaedic oncology, trauma and pediatrics all on a centralized campus that other programs may have to outsource, as well as it’s resident focused education with few fellows.

What I like about living in Milwaukee: Having grown up and getting all of my education on the east coast I did not know much about Milwaukee or the Midwest prior to moving here, but Milwaukee is an awesome city in which to live and work. I particularly enjoy spending time on Wisconsin’s many lakes and enjoying local beer and food with my wife, son and co-residents.


Trenga AP, LaReau JM, Close MR, Domb BG. Partial ligamentum teres tears are associated with larger acetabular labra and less damage to the labrum than complete ligamentum teres tears. J Hip Preserv Surg. 2018;5(4):404-409. Published 2018 Dec 6. doi:10.1093/jhps/hny044

Research Interests

2019 - 2020 Research Project: The Ideal Insertion Site for the Flexor Digitorum Profundus Tendon in Jersey Finger Repair – A Biomechanical Analysis. 

  Faculty: Roger Daley, MD PhD; Steven Grindel, MD; Mei Wang, PhD

2020 Research Project: Revision Total Shoulder Arthroplasty

  Faculty: Steven Grindel, MD