Kenneth A. Iczkowski, MD



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  • MD - Doctor of Medicine


Dr. lczkowski is the urologic (GU) pathologist for the Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin. He also covers some general surgical pathology and heart biopsy specimens. He has ongoing research in prostate pathology and teaches residents and students.

Research Interests

My current research revolves around the importance of prostate cancer morphology with respect to outcome and radiologic correlations. This includes studies such as:

Refining the Gleason grading criteria (Journal of Urology, 2016; 196(4):1076-81} and proposing incorporation of the cribriform pattern of cancer into diagnostic prostate pathology (The new realization about cribriform prostate cancer. Advances in Anatomic Pathology 2018; 25:31-37.)

Correlations with molecular expression of important markers PTEN and p27 (PTEN and p27 loss}

Racial disparity in expression of pro-inflammatory markers in prostate cancer

Assisting Dr. Peter LaViolette (radiology) with histologic-radiologic correlation of prostate pathology (Predictive Cytological Topography (PiCT))

Macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) gene as marker for prostate cancer; MIF gene polymorphisms which are associated with susceptibility and severity of prostate cancer. U.S. Patent No. 7,745,121.

Assisting Dr. Marja Nevalainen with prostate tissue procurement for the study of STATS and related molecules