David Mendoza, MD

David Mendoza, MD

Pathology Fellow, GI/Liver


  • Pathology & Laboratory Medicine


I am originally from Colombia where I spent my first three years. I grew up in Minnesota and had many great experiences that shaped who I am there. During these years I also took many trips back to Colombia where I had amazing experiences that opened my eyes in many regards. I moved to Florida and graduated from Florida State University College of Medicine. Upon completing medical school, I began training in Family Medicine but found that it was not for me.

I am grateful to have come to the conclusion that Pathology fits my intellectual curiosity and desire for bench science, even if the realization came late. I am also very happy to be training here at MCW. The more I continue to learn about the program, the happier I am to be here. I’ve also found Milwaukee to be a great place to live: everyone is very nice, there are tons of good food options, and downtown Tosa near MCW is beautiful.

I hope to explore the area better and start to find connections outside of residency for some of my other passions including languages, food, and outdoor activities.