Huiya Huang. MD, PhD

Huiya Huang, MD, PhD

Pathology Fellow, Hematopathology


  • Pathology & Laboratory Medicine


I grew up in Guangzhou in the southern part of China, a city that is famous for its year-round blossom and delightful dishes. I went to medical school at Peking University Health Science Center in Beijing. With great interest in biomedical research, I came to the US and pursued a PhD degree specializing in ion channels, protein interaction and fluorescent microscopy. I have always been interested in pathology not only because of the visual aspect, but also the great amount of research opportunities to be explored.
Outside of Pathology, I like graphic design, gardening and wildlife.

I also enjoy traveling and have been to many places in the world to see the beauty of nature. Being in the Midwest for over 5 years I found Milwaukee to be one of my favorite places to stay because it can be both active and quiet. Life flows with comfortable pace and people are friendly, not to mention the colorful spring, cool summer, gorgeous fall and white winter here.