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CHIMC Plans and Projected Outcomes

Overall Goal: To address health concerns for children ages birth to 18 years, through community based participatory research (CBPR), specific to immunization disparities in City of Milwaukee communities. Sustain CBPR approaches within the community as a model to address other health disparities.

Using the Knowledge-to-Action (KTA) framework, the primary outcomes is that CBOs and public service providers will adopt promising practices and web-based toolkit to address immunization disparities within their target populations.

Develop and implement sustainable dissemination strategies and tactics by employing at least two culturally-tailored dissemination strategies and tactics:

  • Developing a parent web-based toolkit to provide parents/caregivers with resources for immunizations
  • Develop the TCI! eLearning Cafe to disseminate information relating to childhood immunizations

Evaluate the effectiveness of CHIMC-Take Control IMMUNIZE! communication strategies and tactics by evaluating the usability of the TCI! eLearning Cafe and by tracking enrolled child(ren)'s immunization status.

Market the CHIMC-TCI! web based toolkit and TCI! elearning Cafe to CBOs and public service providers to adopt and implement CHIMC best practices for children less than or equal to four years of age.

Actively engage broader stakeholders and coalitions throughout Milwaukee County to enhance immunization rates including Human Papillomavirus (HPV).