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CHIMC Studies and Results

CHIMC-TCI resultsThis chart demonstrates the increase in children with up-to-date immunizations from the time participants enrolled in the study (Baseline WIR) to after the interventions (2012 WIR). It also shows the differences between the actual immunization status and the parental perception of immunization status at the time of enrollment into CHIMC-SLI.

CHIMC Accomplishments

  1. Increased immunization rates for all age groups (except 0-18 months) from baseline rates to exceed or align with Healthy People 2020 goals
  2. Fostered participation, sharing and co-learning among community and academic partners
  3. Increased the overlap of community and scientific interests
  4. Enhanced community knowledge and understanding of immunizations
  5. Incorporated community voices, perspectives, beliefs and insights into the value of immunizations
  6. Identified differences in parental perceptions of immunizations versus the documented immunizations from the Wisconsin Immunization Registry
  7. Documented parental self-efficacy and barriers and facilitators
  8. Demonstrated increased parental knowledge related to immunizations following training
  9. Utilized a social marketing campaign, CHIMC: Take Control-Immunize!, to increase community awareness of immunization importance
  10. Utilized focus groups to identity parents’/caregivers’ barriers and facilitators related to immunizations
  11. Identified the most frequently mentioned barriers:
    • Hospital personnel (e.g. doctor's attitude, medical terminology)
    • Resources (e.g. problems with insurance, getting time off work, not having transportation)
  12. Identified the most frequently mentioned facilitators:
    • Parents (e.g. speaking up, keeping records, switching doctors to get a good fit, getting kids ready the night before)
    • Resources (bring someone to support, free clinics, reliable transportation service)
    • Hospital personnel (e.g. good relationship with provider, early morning appointments, reminder calls)