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Center for the Advancement of Underserved Children

Reducing Health Disparities

Examination of health disparities is conducted by analyzing large databases, e.g. examining the National Survey of Children’s Health, in birth outcomes adjusting for age, race/ethnicity, education attainment, households’ income levels, marital status, access to primary care physicians, neighborhood factors etc.; health care for children in foster care, unmet needs for children in dental and mental health; preventive services such as bicycle helmets, oral health, infant mortality prevention and literacy promotion.

To help Milwaukee communities address significant health inequities, projects will:

  1. Increase understanding of health equity in Milwaukee neighborhoods
  2. Build community civic capacity
  3. Effect policy change

Other Community-Academic Partnerships (MCW Healthier WI Partnership Program) and initiatives, the majority of funds shared with community partners:

  • Three-year grants for asthma control (Dr. Meurer)
  • Nutrition and physical activity (Dr. Meurer)
  • Auto safety (Dr. Brixey)
  • Health insurance enrollment (Dr. Willis)
  • One-year grant for city health policy (Dr. Meurer)
  • Pregnancy prevention (Dr. Ehrmann)