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Pediatric Residency

Resident Life

We believe that it is imperative that residents have plenty of time to enjoy family, friends, and life outside the hospital, and it is important to us that our residents are as happy in the hospital as they are in their time off. Milwaukee is an exciting, beautiful, vibrant and diverse city that has much to offer no matter what your interests are. In addition, it is affordable and accessible, making its countless activities easy to enjoy. Many of our residents enjoy their time in Milwaukee so much they choose to call it home long after graduation.
Resident Retreats

Each residency class attends a separate 2-3 day annual retreat, with clinical responsibilities covered by other Residents, Fellows and Faculty. Scheduled activities during retreats include: feedback sessions; career guidance; discussions about life after residency; leadership workshops; risk management; health care delivery and recertification of PALS and NRP.

  • The PL1 class holds an annual Late-Night Bowling Tournament with a highly coveted trophy awarded to the winning team.
  • The PL2 class competes in an annual Ping-Pong tournament against each other as well as the Department Chair.
  • The PL3 class competes in annual basketball competitions and enjoys an indoor water park.
Resident Spouse Association
The Resident Spouse/Significant Other Association (RSA) is an organization for the spouses and significant others of MCWAH residents and fellows. It exists to help ease the adjustment to residency or fellowship life by offering many fun social activities for members and their families.
Wellness and Mindfulness for Residents
The Wellness and Mindfulness for Residents program focuses on exploring and experiencing methods, strategies, and mindsets that enhance both personal and professional wholeness. Led by a group of residents and fellows, and supported by med ed staff members, extra-curricular activities are offered at least monthly.