Staruschenko Lab


Christine Klemens, PhD

Appointment Years: 2017-2020 | Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow

(414) 955-7415


Vlad Levchenko, BS

Research Associate I

(414) 955-8352


Adrian Zietara

Graduate Student

Former Lab Members

Daria Ilatovskaya, PhD (June 2008-November 2017)
Currently: Assistant Professor in the Division of Nephrology at Medical University of South Carolina

Evgeny Chulkov, PhD (February 2016-September 2017)
Currently: Senior Scientist at the Institute of Cytology, St. Petersburgh, Russia

Gregory Blass, PhD (November 2014-June 2017
Currently: Instructor at Western Kentucky University
Tengis S. Pavlov, PhD (March 2008–March 2016)
Currently: Assistant Professor in the Hypertension and Vascular Research Division at the Henry Ford Health System

Alexey Karpushev, PhD (January 2008–June 2010)
Currently: Senior Research Scientist at the Federal Almazov Medical Research Center, St. Petersburg, Russia