Information for Suppliers


MCW’s preferred method of payment is via ACH (electronic transfer of funds transfer directly to supplier’s banking account).

ACH offers the following benefits to the Supplier:

  • Supplier will receive money faster and securely
  • There is a lower per transaction cost for the supplier
  • The supplier can have remittances sent to any number of departments via email

To enroll, simply complete the ACH Form (PDF).

Questions may be emailed to

Taxpayer Certification Forms with the following link labels:

Tips for Submitting Supplier Invoices for Payment

  • Suppliers should email invoices directly to
    • No other correspondence should be sent to this email address
    • MCW discourages the mailing of physical, printed invoices.
  • The Purchase Order number MUST be clearly visible on the FIRST PAGE of the invoice.
  • The invoice must have a unique invoice number.
  • The invoice must list a complete remittance address.
  • Do not send password‐protected invoices.
  • Invoices must be sent as an attachment, not included in the body of the email.
  • The preferred file format is PDF. Word and Excel docs are acceptable. No other file types should be used.
  • The email should not contain any graphics (such as in the email signature line).
  • Do not change the invoice font color or highlight any areas of the invoice.
  • Do not re‐send invoices, by email or printed copies, as duplicates may occur.

Current MCW Bids and RFPs

No current bids and RFPs.