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X Allen Li, PhD, Awarded RO1 Grant to Develop and Test Online Adaptive Treatment Solution for Radiation Oncology

Dr. X. Allen Li, Professor and Chief of Medical Physics in the department of radiation oncology, was recently awarded a 5 year RO1 grant totaling 2.4 million from the National Institutes of Health - National Cancer Institute to develop and test a novel machine learning accelerated online adaptive replanning (MOLAR) solution for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) guided adaptive radiation therapy through a unique academic and industry (Elekta, Inc) partnership. The MOLAR solution aims to fully account for interfraction variations, thereby substantially improving the accuracy and effectiveness of radiation therapy (RT) for cancer. This solution will enable clinicians to routinely practice “image-plan-treat”, a drastic departure from current practice and representing the future of RT delivery.

MCW faculty co-investigators include Ergun Ahunbay, PhD, Eric Paulson, PhD, William Hall, MD, Beth Erickson, MD and Mei-Jie Zhang, PhD.