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Healthy Eating

Tips from the Experts

Preparing healthy, quick, and affordable meals can be a challenge during medical training. Below please find tips from our expert Froedtert Hospital dieticians on maintaining healthy eating during residency, medical school, and graduate school.

Amy KulwickiEating Healthy on a Budget
Amy Kulwicki, Outpatient Dietitian





Deana McDowellHealing Foods (MP3)
Deana McDowell, RD, CD





Sarah ZangerleEating Well Quickly
Sarah Zangerle, Dietitian





Alcohol Use

Substance Abuse and Medical Training

Medical training can be a very stressful and challenging time. Given multiple risk factors including stress and fatigue associated with training, as well as availability of controlled substances, substance abuse is a significant occupational hazard for medical trainees and physicians. Below please find narrated presentations on substance abuse in medical training.

Substance Abuse in Medical Training (PPT)

Smoking Cessation

Quitting smoking can be a challenge physiologically as well as behaviorally.

Dr. Nora Keenan is a health psychologist who was trained at the University of Minnesota and currently holds a position as a postdoctoral fellow in Women's Health at the Milwaukee VA Medical Center. At the Milwaukee VAMC, Dr. Keenan co-facilitates the Smoking Cessation Clinic. Her research focuses on psychological factors that impact people's health behavior decisions, particularly how negative emotions and stress – as well as different strategies for emotion regulation – influence health behaviors such as smoking, drinking, and eating.

In the following Podcast, Dr. Keenan provides practical behavioral strategies for smoking cessation with an accompanying handout.

Physical Fitness

Weight Training Series

  1. Part One: Introduction
  2. Part Two: The Squat
  3. Part Three: The Overhead Barbell Press
  4. Part Four: The Dead Lift
  5. Part Five: The Bench Press
  6. Part Six: The Lunge
  7. Part Seven: The Goblet Squat
  8. Part Eight: The Stiff Legged Dead Lift
  9. Part Nine: The Dumbbell Bench Press
  10. Part Ten: The Dumbbell Shoulder Press Curls and Tricep Extension