Surgery Research Conferences

2019 Conferences

12/11/2019 Dr. Dodgion presents "Quality in Trauma and Surgical Care Across the Globe"
11/13/2019 Matt Richter, JD, MA, Research Compliance Office
10/9/2019 2017 We Care Award Updates: Viktor Hraska, MD, PhD
9/11/2019 Dr. Paul Grippo presents "Novel Inhibition Strategies for Pancreatic Cancer using Mice"
8/14/2019 Aniko Szabo, PhD, presents Biostatistical Support for the Department of Surgery
7/23/2019 Clinical Research Power Lunch: Audit Prep 101: The Busy Clinical Research Professional's Guide to Audit Prep and CAPA Plans
The Department of Surgery Division of Research is pleased to host a Clinical Research Symposium on Tuesday, July 23, 2019 in the Alumni Center at MCW. The symposium will provide a comprehensive overview of audit prep for clinical trials.
7/10/2019 Office of Technology Development - Drs. Boggs and Vithalani
6/12/2019 2018-2019 Research Residents
5/8/2019 Therapeutic Accelerator Program (TAP): An Introduction by Ranjit Verma, PhD, MSc
4/10/2019 Working with GCO
3/13/2019 Division of Congenital Heart Surgery Research Updates
3/5/2019 Clinical Research Power Lunch: Budget Development for Clinical Trials in the Alumni Center

The Division of Research is hosting a Clinical Research Power Lunch on March 5 in the Alumni Center; the symposium will provide a comprehensive overview of budget development for clinical trials.

The event will feature Kelsey Richey, MS, who joins us from the Northwestern University Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (NUCATS) where she is the Manager of Financial Services for the Center for Clinical Research.

2/13/2019 Drs. Amanda Kong and Andreas Beyer present an update to their 2017 We care Award
1/9/2019 Dr. Angela Mathison presents Next Generation Sequencing Methodologies for Genomic Sciences and Precision Medicine

2018 Conferences

12/12/2018 Division of Transplant Surgery Research Update
11/14/2018 Vascular Surgery Research Update
10/10/2018 2018-2019 Research Residents and We Care Award
9/12/2018 2018-2019 Research Residents and Introduction to REDCap
8/15/2018 Dr. Raul Urrutia presents Academic Metrics: Understanding H-index and Blue Ridge NIH Award Rankings (PDF)
8/8/2018 Division of Education Research Update
7/11/2018 Division of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery Research Update
6/13/2018 2017-2018 Research Residents
5/9/2018 General Surgery Research Update
4/11/2018 Cardiothoracic Surgery Research Update
3/14/2018 Colorectal Surgery Research Update
2/14/2018 Pediatric Surgery Research Update
1/10/2018 Surgical Oncology Research Update

2017 Conferences

12/13/2017 How to get the most out of i2b2 and MCW's Tissue Bank
11/8/2017 Navigating Research Funding Opportunities
10/11/2017 What can GSPMC do for your Research in Surgery?
9/13/2017 Introduction to the Division of Research