Medical School

Academic Affairs Annual Report

Student Experience

We recognize that an MCW education also includes opportunities for personal growth. Deeply rooted in our mission of educating the next generation of physicians and scientists is our commitment to developing the whole person. The student experience at MCW is as unique and diverse as the student body. An abundance of opportunities, support and guidance are available to students—from research opportunities, to student organizations, mentoring opportunities and even a practice interview session for those preparing for their residency—all provided by Academic Affairs. The students featured in this section represent the culture of collaboration and growth that is the heart of Academic Affairs at MCW—one that supports our students’ academic success and personal well-being while providing them with the skills and experience to flourish in their chosen career path after graduation.

MCW’s faculty is comprised of a brilliant and accessible group of professionals dedicated to education, interdisciplinary research, compassionate clinical care and the health of our community. The interaction among students and faculty at MCW overflows from the classroom and lab into the hallways, cafeteria and beautiful campus grounds.

Support, guidance, collaboration