Medical School
Academic Affairs Annual Report

Medical College of Wisconsin 2015-2016 Academic Affairs Annual Report

 Our educational community is committed to supporting learners as they prepare for the next step in their training or career. We depend on the strength and expertise of our partners, faculty and staff to develop and deliver programs that prepare today's student for tomorrow's healthcare challenges. This year’s annual report showcases new educational programs and partnerships that form a diverse educational community dedicated to educating and training the next generation of researchers, physicians, scientists, and healthcare professionals. I invite you to explore what MCW is doing today to foster collaboration and opportunities that connect learners to one another that will benefit them as future researchers and practitioners.  

The Medical College of Wisconsin’s reach stretches further than what our name may imply. We are an institution with not one, but three medical school campuses – working to ensure a larger proportion of our graduates stay in Wisconsin to practice after graduation.  We are an institution providing 20 PhD, Master and Certificate programs in six academic disciplines - meeting the needs of students who are either beginning their careers or looking to advance in their careers. And, we are an institution answering the call for the demand for pharmacists – providing expanded services by developing an innovative model of pharmacy education.

In 2016, we celebrated both new partnerships and new programs. Through our close collaborations, we took on initiatives that will address the needs of our state. New programs were added to our education offerings– including our Master in Science Anesthesia Program that is the first in the state of Wisconsin. And, we are focused on providing our students an inclusive culture and learning environment where teamwork across professions is fostered, that will prepare and build skills while in practice.

This report highlights the growth, partnerships, student experiences and outcomes over the past year that contributed to MCW preparing the physicians, scientists and health professionals of tomorrow.