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My MCW Story: Christine Schneider, PhD

Graduate School alumna’s young children help her realize her passion for teaching

As a mother of two young boys, Dr. Christine (Tina) Schneider learned a lot about time management while pursuing her PhD in microbiology and molecular genetics at MCW. She and her husband had finely choreographed schedules that maximized their time with the boys while also providing ample time for her studies. Off to school at 6:00 am while her husband watched the boys. Home at 5:00 pm so she could spend time with the boys for a few hours before they went to bed and she could resume studying. Then off to bed herself so she could get up the next day and repeat.

Christine Schneider PhDThe fine-tuning of her time management skills can be attributed, at least in part, to her boys. So can the impetus behind her pursuing the PhD she was awarded from MCW in 2011 – her love of teaching.

“Part of my passion for teaching came from my children,” said Tina, who is an assistant professor of biology at Carroll University. “I love to help them learn new things and enjoyed the excitement they had when learning something for the first time. I hope to instill some of that excitement in my current students and have a direct impact in the lives of young people.” 

Tina initially chose MCW because she saw that it made a clear link from the research to health and medicine. She had previously worked for five years at Merck in Pennsylvania and conducted several basic science research projects on DNA damage, cancer and HIV.

“All of the work I did at Merck had pretty clear links between bench science and applying those findings to improve human health.  Essentially it was an early lesson in the importance of translational research,” said Tina. “After my work on the evaluation of potential HIV therapies, I was interested in doing more research on viruses that affect human health.”

Tina’s MCW advisor was Dr. Amy Hudson, and she still collaborates with Dr. Hudson. Tina also has started a new line of research that she collaborates on with Dr. Dara Frank.

“The collaboration between faculty members at MCW is a great example of the richness that interdisciplinary relationships can bring to both your personal and professional life,” Tina said. 


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