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My MCW Story: Dr. Jason Liu

“I apply what I learned in my MPH courses every day."

Published: January, 2018

Jason Liu, MD, MPH, associate professor of emergency medicine, came to MCW 12 years ago for fellowship training in emergency medical services, and liked the collegiality he experienced during his training so much, he decided to stay. He was fortunate a faculty position opened up just as he was finishing his fellowship.

Dr. Liu now leads mass casualty training efforts for MCW, serves as associate director of medical services for Milwaukee County Emergency Medical Services, and is founder of the Wisconsin 1 Disaster Medical Assistance Team, which is part of the National Disaster Medical System (NDMS). NDMS is a federally-coordinated system that provides medical capabilities in the event of a large-scale emergency such as hurricanes.

While Dr. Liu was conducting his fellowship training, he decided to also get his Master of Public Health (MPH) degree through the MCW Graduate School. He enrolled to gain more expertise in health policy, research methods, and organizational behavior and design. It is a decision he is very happy he made.

“I apply what I learned in my MPH courses every day,” Dr. Liu said. “In both my clinical work and my mass casualty planning efforts, I work with people from different organizations with different types of expertise. My MPH gave me a solid foundation for integrating people from different clinical teams and coordinating all the pieces.”

“I decided to focus on mass casualty because I like the thought of finding order in chaos,” Dr. Liu added. “My MPH degree has given me the tools to more effectively restore the healthcare system after a major disaster.”

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