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My MCW Story: Rebecca (Holme) Schill

By all accounts, she has had success in the MCW Biochemistry PhD program

Published: September, 2016

By all accounts, Rebecca (Becky) Holme has had success in the MCW Biochemistry PhD program. She just received a National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant. She sits on the executive board of MCW’s Graduate Student Association. And she serves as the Graduate School representative on the Council for Women’s Advocacy.

Rebecca HolmeBut it sounds like there is more to come. Becky has published three papers – one as a first author – and hopes to publish two more papers as a first author before she graduates. She also wants to continue to contribute to one of her passions - helping grow the number of women in the sciences.

“Wherever my career goes, I’ll want to be involved in helping young women be successful in math and the sciences,” said Becky, who is also involved in MCW’s Women in Science speaker series.

Becky’s research focuses on the cardiovascular system, and specifically the role of HDL (good cholesterol) in protecting against atherosclerosis (plaque build-up).  She conducts her work under the guidance of her advisor, Daisy Sahoo, PhD, associate professor of medicine (endocrinology).

The NIH grant offers three years of funding to assist with her monthly stipend, insurance and travel expenses so she can attend and present at meetings.

“Hopefully this grant makes me more appealing to institutions down the road, after graduation,” Becky said, “because it shows I can be successful in obtaining funding.”

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