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A Semester of Bugs, Drugs, and Brains...

Christy Prill

Hi Pioneer Press Readers!

christyprillbannerMy name is Christy Prill and I’m one of the 25 now M2s of MCW-Green Bay. I was born and raised in Milwaukee and went to undergrad at UW-Madison (U-rah-rah!) majoring in Biology and Spanish. It’s been a whirlwind of a year, and with the last finals of the year complete, it’s refreshing not to be sitting in the library studying all day.

It’s hard to believe that less than 12 months ago, our class was meeting each other for the first time and starting off the year learning about anatomy, physiology, microbiology and practicing basic physical exam skills. This past semester is what I like to call the semester of bugs, drugs and brains! Between immunology, pharmacology, and medical neurology, our brains have been packed with an overwhelming amount of information. Not only have we had a full course load, but we have also been in clinics gaining experience working with patients. Over the course of the year and our time spent working with our preceptors in clinic, I’ve noticed how much my knowledge has grown and how I’ve been able to apply classroom material to what is presented at clinic.

christyprillimage1As stressful as this year was, our class found time to have a bit of fun too! We’ve gone to several Packer games, played in intramural sports, gone skiing & camping, and explored a lot of Green Bay! Throughout the year, we’ve been well taken care of by the incredible MCW-Green Bay staff and the generous community. Between exam week meals, holiday parties, scavenger hunts, and a whole lot more, we are probably the most well taken care of and well-fed medical school in the country. :-)

Christy Prill image 5With one week of vacation before we start in clinic for the summer and open up our Step exam prep material, I know all of us are excited to put down the textbooks, turn off our computers, and spend time outside with family and friends and become humans again.
I’m looking forward to the challenge of the upcoming year and welcoming our incoming M1 classmates to an incredible school with exceptional people!


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