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Getting to Know Green Bay...and Wisconsin

Allison Meyer

Hey everyone! My name is Allison Meyer and I am one of people of our class that did not grow up in Wisconsin. My hometown is Huntington, IN and I went to Valparaiso University for my undergrad. So how did an Indiana girl end up in Wisconsin? Simple, the Green Bay Packers! Pretty much since I was born I have always been a Packer fan. Even though I really, really, do love the Packers that was not my sole determinate to come to this amazing campus! There are multiple reasons that MCW-GB was my first choice for medical school, some of them being the small class size, the three year program, the beautiful city of De Pere, and their focus on primary care.

It has now been about three and a half months since we started here at the medical school and I have been loving every minute of it…okay maybe not every minute, test weeks are a little stressful, but other than that it has been a fantastic experience. We have been to concerts, Packer’s games, and done many other fun activities as a class all while still keeping up with the strenuous work load of medical school. Even though there is a lot of work in medical school we have all found ways to have a little bit of fun while staying on course with our studies. 

People can always tell that I am from out of town because I always forget they don’t have water fountains in Wisconsin, they have “bubblers”. Thankfully the people here are so nice that they politely correct me and then ask me where I am from.  Being from out of town and out of state, I was very nervous about moving to a place where I didn’t know anyone. As I have found from living here these past three months I had nothing to worry about because the community here is so awesome! I have never felt so much love and support from any community I have lived in! People in the community are so supportive of our quest to become doctors and that is something that has not been lost on me, the fact that you have this whole other group of people who believe in you and want to see you succeed is just so humbling and amazing! The people that I have interacted with in my clinical apprenticeship (which by the way, is the best part of my week, every week!) are so awesome! Also getting to know my fellow classmates has been so much fun, they are a fantastic group of people!

That is all from me, until next time!


Pictured above: My roommate and me at a Packer game!


Pictured above: Some of us at a local Mexican restaurant during Restaurant Week in the city, it was delicious!