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Jared Metropulos

3rdblogpostJared Metropulos here. Hometown: Cameron, WI. Undergraduate: UW-Eau Claire. I read the announcement of the new Green Bay campus years ago, and knew MCW-Green Bay was where I wanted to study medicine. I’m happy to be in a smaller city with a close-knit class and faculty while attending an excellent school.

I had high expectations of the med school workload, and they were exceeded. However, I’m much less stressed than I thought I’d be. A large part of me staying low-stress is the time I’ve been able to spend outside of class with my classmates/friends.

We’ve been to concerts, Packer games as a class, and multiple fun receptions. Some of us have done triathlons or half-marathons. My classmate, Sam, and I are goose hunting in the above picture. You’ll notice the BRS Physiology textbook is with us. That’s either dedication or desperation. I also went camping with our Wilderness Medical Society group at Peninsula State Park in Door County (my third trip to Door County over the past few months). I’m loving the area, and I’ve been able to maintain a good work (school)-life balance.

Another activity we’ve been participating in is intramural flag football. The inaugural class of MCW flag football has had a stellar year, finishing the season at 2-6. I’m really proud of the team for our two victories (both forfeits by the other team). We lost our starting quarterback early in the season to a groin injury, which was difficult to overcome. We kept most of our games close, but couldn’t quite pull off the victory. We might be some of the smartest kids on campus, but we’re definitely not the most athletic.

I’m really looking forward to a new class of recruits joining us next year. Any applicants should note well: Your ability to pass, catch, or cover may be questioned during the interview process.