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Emily Dolan

emilyblogpostphoto3Wow – hard to believe the 4th block of our M1 year has already come and gone!  Only two more to go – not that I’m counting…

I am Emily Dolan, and I grew up in La Crosse, Wisconsin but completed my undergraduate degree in Massachusetts.  I knew I would return to Wisconsin for medical school, so when I heard about the opportunity to be part of a new 3-year MD program, MCW-Green Bay became my top choice.  I have been very happy with my decision.  My classmates are incredible people, northeastern Wisconsin is beautiful, and med school…well it’s hard, but I can’t imagine being happier anywhere else.  I’m surrounded by an overwhelmingly generous community, an administrative staff that takes genuine interest in their students’ success, and classmates that will be lifelong friends. 

If you read our last blog, you already know we have a full schedule with 7 classes.  This block we begin Immunology and Pharmacology, which are two of the more challenging M1 courses so I know there will be many more hours logged in St. Norbert’s beautiful new science center by the medical students.  We spend a lot of time studying and work very hard, so we play hard too!  Last month, five of us in the class celebrated January birthdays, so we went out for sushi, Mexican food, and made a couple of trips to downtown Green Bay.  Also in January, the Doctors in Recital Concert featured our very own Matt Wheeler, and MCW hosted The Black Bag Ball down in Milwaukee where the Green Bay campus was well-represented by quite the dashing group!  There’s even been time for quick trips up to Door County for some cross-country skiing.   This month, we will be up there for snow-shoeing with our Wilderness Medical Society.

Time spent outside of the classroom with my classmates helps make the long days of studying more tolerable.  I am also lucky to have my horse, Bella, here with me.  I visit her nearly every day as long as we aren’t in the middle of exams.  I also enjoy spending my Monday nights watching The Bachelor.  I can’t miss an episode, since I am responsible for keeping the MCW-Green Bay Bachelor Bracket up to date where the winner receives a dinner date, chocolates, and the final rose.  Plus it’s the most dramatic season ever! rollinwithdolanbanner

We’re looking forward to having next year’s class join the awesomeness that is MCW-Green Bay.  Good luck to all the applicants!

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