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Storm Dorrough

Here's a post-thanksgiving, pre-Christmas, mid-block, MCW Green Bay update. Storm Dorrough here, long time resident of Bloomer Wisconsin, short term resident of Green Bay. Things are going well here (although snow has yet to fall, so I'm beginning to question whether this is truly Wisconsin). We're all gearing up for exams which begin Friday, and trying to push through until Christmas. It'll be a tough two weeks, but with friends and community to help I know we’ll make it through.

Looking back on these six months, it's incredible to see just how far we've all come. I remember the first week being nervous to meet everyone, anxious for school to start while being worried that I wasn't ready, but most importantly excited to start my medical education. Then time seems to have sped right along, and here we stand, nearly 1/6 of the way through medical school.

I've made friends, learned more than I even know, and am one step closer to becoming a physician. Just the other day Kirsta was spouting off her knowledge of anatomy like she'd known it for years, and Dan was running through a physical exam like it was nothing. There were certainly ups and downs, but it's always funny when looking back to realize the ups are what stand out the most. Here's a review of the year so far, but keep tuned for what's to come. Merry Christmas to you all! 

The Beginning - White Coat Ceremony


Milwaukee Brewers Game


First Day of Anatomy Lab


One of a Few Packers Games


Halloween Party


M1 Reception at Lambeau Field