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The Hunger Games Block 2 Edition

Julia Shariff

Hi! My name is Julia Shariff and I’m from Green Bay, WI. I went to undergrad at UW-Green Bay and graduated in May 2015. As a Green Bay native, I absolutely love that MCW created the regional campus system here. I am so lucky to have a medical college right in my backyard!

And so it was that yet another round of exams came to a close, leaving a mysterious trail of colds and coughs in its wake. This isn’t highly unusual, as all of our stress levels have left our immune systems down (along with our motivation) and vulnerable to any minor germ that comes our way. Regardless, as I sit in recovery, it feels great to have another round in the books! We are lucky enough to not only have the support of our classmates, but our amazing staff here at MCW-Green Bay, as well as local physicians. Not only do they make sure we’re sleeping, bathing (somewhat) regularly, but they make sure we’re eating by literally FEEDING us during such a stressful time. One local doctor and his wife even invited us into their home for a wonderful dinner including lasagna, salad, and a pie that I wish I could have fit in my purse. Another local physician even sponsored a post-exam social. We are so incredibly fortunate to have such a supportive and generous community, and we definitely are thankful for it every single day!

The exams themselves were difficult to say the least. There was a lot of frustration and last minute panic throughout the week, but we all made it through. Whether or not the odds were in our favor, commiserating together not only provided comfort, but it reminded us why we are really here: not to get the pass we need for a class, not to get the recognition for our academic triumphs, but to become the best physicians we can be. Nothing better reminds me of that than the wisdom, class, and maturity of my classmates. Throughout everything, we all push each other to succeed. There has never been a feeling of competition or jealousy. Again, I couldn’t have asked for a better crew to share the next three years with. Hallmark moment!

Interviews will be starting soon, and we’ll be on the lookout for a new set of awesome people to join our strange, wonderful and sometimes slightly insane family. So for all the applicants out there, ask yourself: Do you volunteer as tribute?