Medical School

Touching Down in Green Bay

Welcome to the first edition of the Pioneer Press, the blog of the inaugural class of the brand new Green Bay campus of the Medical College of Wisconsin! We’re here on the beautiful campus of St. Norbert College in De Pere, overlooking the Fox River.

It’s amazing to look back and see what’s led us all here. A year ago, there wasn’t a single accepted student, the facilities in the Gehl Mulva Science Center were still being completed, and everyone was wondering what the first new medical school in Wisconsin in more than 100 years would turn out to be.

Fast forward to the present, and we, the students, have been in classes for just about 3 months, and have just completed our first “block” of tests in our science curriculum! M1 (first year) students at MCW start off with 5 weeks of classes in Physiology, Biochemistry and Anatomy, followed by a week of comprehensive practical and written tests. Because we come from diverse backgrounds, with varying levels of scientific knowledge, most of us find that at least a some of the topics were review. But we all agree that the level of detail and the pace at which the material is presented, is quite challenging. We’ve all heard the comparison that medical school is like drinking from a firehouse. Let’s just say it’s one thing to theoretically understand an analogy, and another thing entirely to experience it!

While MCW GB is a 3-year program, but we are still completing the two years of basic science courses at the same pace as the Milwaukee students. So while it’s an intense pace, we’re not accelerating that portion of our education, thankfully!

We are all glad to be part of this inaugural class, and we have felt so welcomed to the community. To all the doctors, leaders, businesses and members of the St. Norbert campus who have helped this dream become a reality, we thank you!

Future blog posts written by the students will share some of the unique features of our campus, to hopefully give you some insight to what makes MCW-Green Bay so special.

Thanks for reading!