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Medical Doctor/Master of Public Health Joint Degree

At the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW), the core of everything we do is academic medicine, which brings together scientists, physicians, students and community members to solve challenges in health and society. If you’re an MCW-Milwaukee medical student with an interest in advancing the health of the public, the MD/ MPH joint degree program was created just for you.

MD/MPH Joint Degree

Integrate your medical career with public health activities to address social determinants of health. 

Our MD/MPH joint degree program, available at the MCW-Milwaukee campus, advances the MCW mission in educational innovation and transformation in community engagement, providing you as a medical student with a much greater understanding of health issues and better tools in preventing human disease.


Apply to MCW Medical School

Apply to MCW Medical School

If you’re interested in obtaining a MD/MPH degree, you must first apply to MCW’s Medical School, and matriculate. The next step is to apply to the MCW MPH program.
Apply to the MPH Program

Apply to the MPH Program

After becoming a MCW medical student, you will be eligible to apply to the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences during the spring of your M1 year. This process will officially begin your career as a MD/MPH student.
Prerequisites for MPH Enrollment with MD Joint Degree

Enrollment of an MCW medical student as a graduate student in the MPH program starting in the summer between M1 and M2 years is contingent upon students:

  1. achieving a grade of Pass, Satisfactory, or better in all courses during their M1 year
  2. completing all courses without withdrawing from any courses
  3. having no professional behavioral issues
  4. earning satisfactory pathway grades and satisfying all pathway deadlines in a timely manner

Your MPH application will include:

  • a personal statement about the value of the MPH degree to career goals 
  • your undergraduate transcript
  • your M1 course grades will also be used in your MPH acceptance decision 

Medical students accepted into the MCW MPH program must maintain a grade of Pass, Satisfactory, or better performance in all M2-3 courses to enroll in the Graduate School MPH program during their 4th year. MPH program admission letters will note that the offer may be rescinded if any of the above requirements are not fulfilled.

More about MCW MD Degree
MCW offers many program options to help you reach your career aspirations, whether you are determined to become a pediatrician, a surgeon or medical researcher, or if you want to explore several options before committing to your ultimate career path.

At MCW, we prepare medical students to become the best physicians of tomorrow with a spirit of continuous learning and the skills to adapt to whatever may come next in medical discoveries and best practices, as well as in the business side of practicing medicine. Tomorrow’s healthcare starts here, at MCW, where the student experience balances the latest technology and team-based learning models with more than a century of rich medical education traditions. An MCW medical education is a life-changing journey for our students, and for the patients whose lives they touch.

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More about MCW MPH Degree

The MCW MPH degree in the Institute for Health & Equity concentrates on public health practice, namely:

  • protecting and improving the health of families and communities through promotion of healthy lifestyles
  • research for disease and injury prevention
  • control of infectious diseases.

All courses in the MCW MPH program are 100% online. In fact, the program has 30 years of experience with distance and asynchronous learning. The MCW MPH program includes courses such as Epidemiology, Population Health Management, and Community Health Assessment and Planning of special value to future physicians. The integration of medicine and public health will yield substantial and lasting improvements in the health of individuals, communities, and populations.

The completion of an MCW MD/MPH degree allows the completion of this program in 5 years instead of the customary 6 years – if the two programs were completed separately.

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Typical Timeline

Year 1 Summer
3 credits | Behavioral Science and Public Health (18212) *
3 credits | Ethical Issues in Public Health (18250) #

Year 2 Fall
3 credits | MD Pathway #

Year 3 Fall
3 credits | Principles of Epidemiology (18201) *
3 credits | MD Pathway #

Year 3 Summer
1 credits | MD Scholarly Project #
3 credits | Capstone

Year 4 Fall
3 credits | Public health administration (18203) *
3 credits | Community Health Assessment and Improvement (18209) #
3 credits | Community Health Program Evaluation (18260) #

Year 4 Spring
3 credits | Introduction to biostatistics (18204)
3 credits | Environmental health (18200) *

Year 4 Summer
1 credits | Present Scholarly Project in June with M3s/MPH Capstone
3 credits | Racial and Ethnic Inequalities in Health (18218)

Year 5 Fall and Spring (Medical School as M4)
6 credits | MD (electives for at least 6 MPH credits)

Year 5 Spring

(*MPH “core” required courses; #MPH other required courses)