Medical School

Dr. Joseph Kerschner

"Never say no to a leadership opportunity."

A high school student who turns a house painting gig into a business with ten employees by the time he’s in college is clearly on the path to bigger things.

While Dr. Joseph Kerschner never expected to become the dean of a medical school this early in his career, those who know him say his leadership skills have always been evident. First as high school class president and captain of the football team, he ran his own business while in college, then led the MCW student assembly as a second year medical student. He now holds the title of Provost and Executive Vice President, and Dean, School of Medicine.

“Whenever something presented itself, I put myself in the ring. Leadership opportunities are everywhere,” said Dr. Kerschner.

Many of those opportunities came at MCW—first while Dr. Kerschner was a student, and then as a faculty member.

“MCW offered not only an excellent clinical education, but also opportunities to do research, which was important to me,” he said. “Then as a new faculty member, I rose through ranks quickly to lead our pediatric specialty group, and then Dean.”

All medical students have the potential to become great leaders, Dr. Kerschner believes, and he further believes MCW is the place to grow that talent.

“When you find something that is interesting to you, don’t be afraid to say yes. Don’t be afraid to jump off the cliff, don’t be afraid to fail. If you fall, know you will land on your feet. And always, always lead with integrity,” he added.

“MCW is the place to be right now—we are growing and evolving and it’s such an exciting time to be here and take advantage of that growth and all opportunities that growth offers to everyone here, from students to faculty and our talented staff.”

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