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Medical Scientist Training Program

National MD/PhD Student Conference

Katelyn Heimbruch Poster Presentation

About the conference

Each summer, the Medical College of Wisconsin MSTP sends a group of students to the National MD/PhD Student Conference in Keystone, Colorado. The three-day conference features seminars delivered by distinguished physician-scientists from a variety of disciplines, including both basic science research and translational research. During this conference, MD/PhD students from MCW interact with fellow MD/PhD students from around the country through poster sessions and oral presentations outlining their own research. The conference also features panel discussions with MSTP directors where students may discuss strategies for achieving their academic goals and ask questions about residency programs, postdoctoral fellowships, and other career options. Besides providing a venue for discussion of science, medicine, and career goals, the conference also organizes time for hiking, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, and many other outdoor activities.

The trip was an outstanding way to meet students in other MSTP programs across the country and to discuss the exciting career options available for physician-scientists. There is a social agenda that runs throughout the conference that provides a foundation for future friendships and collaborations. Through presenting a poster or delivering a talk, it is also a great way to get feedback on your research.