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Prevalence and Barriers to Pharmacy-Based Immunization in Wisconsin; Analysis of State Immunization Registry and Pharmacist Survey in Interdisciplinary Partnership

Problem: Gaps in vaccination result in vaccine-preventable illnesses.
Partnership: Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin, Medical College of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy, Medical College of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin come together to promote systems changes to increase access to immunization at pharmacies.  View the Poster Presentation (PDF)View the Figures and Tables (PDF)View the Planned Interventions (PDF)Visit our partner, Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin, for additional project information

What is access to immunization like in your state?


Rebecca Bernstein, MD, MS, George E. MacKinnon III, PhD, MS, RPh, FAShP, Sarah Sorum, PharmD, Erica Martin, Phillip Berce, PharmD, Karen MacKinnon, BPharm, RPh, Michele Leininger and Ken Schellhase, MD

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