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14th Annual Diabetes Symposium

May 13, 2021 – May 14, 2021 MCW_Icons_Make_An_Appointment_Green iCAL

Our symposium is a two day program with the specific purpose of increasing education and knowledge of all aspects of diabetes clinical practice and research.

This symposium consists of medical lectures and workshops given by healthcare professionals (not all MD's), investigators and patients on topics related to Diabetes Updates. The major format used is a series of thematic talks by recognized health professional and are all followed by question and answer sessions along with feedback.

There will also be a panel of physicians who will present case discussions and then open the floor to the audience for a Question and Answer Session.

Learning Objectives:

  • Improve diabetes and obesity care by identifying and expounding evidence-based advances in management.
  • Analyze the areas that are at the outer limits of current knowledge of diabetes and obesity and define our limitations.
  • Improve management and knowledge of drugs and therapy for diabetes and obesity, using well-controlled trial data.
  • Gain further knowledge about the pathophysiological processes involved in diabetes and obesity.
  • Increase awareness of the patient perspective of diabetes and obesity care.

Event Location

  • PheedLoop