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Community Engaged Scholars: Immersion Program

September 17, 2018 – September 20, 2018 MCW_Icons_Make_An_Appointment_Green iCAL

The Office of the Associate Provost and Senior Associate Dean for Community Engagement and the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) Community Engagement Core are currently seeking applicants with experience in research interested in being immersed into community engagement.

This program spans four days focusing on the five Social Determinants of Health outlined by Healthy People 2020 through a partnership with Silver Spring Neighborhood Center in Milwaukee. This program was designed with the staff of Silver Spring Neighborhood Center, aligning the staff as teachers to researchers interested in learning how to become effective community-engaged professionals.

During this experience you will be immersed into the community site programming, learn from the staff about perspectives of community partners in community engagement, and have the opportunity for bi-directional discussions.

Learning Objectives
Taxonomy of Education Addressed: K – Knowledge, A – Application, An – Analysis, S - Synthesis

  1. Identify steps in partnership development and research planning in CEnR (K)
  2. Recognize and apply ethical practices in CEnR (K)
  3. Foster connections with peers and partners around mastering CEnR while being a better citizen(A)
  4. Facilitate intrinsic development of CE rather than being project-specific (An)
  5. Explain and apply strategies of CEnR including capacity building, project planning, communication, and dissemination (K)

Program timeline
September 17 (starting at 2:00 pm) through September 20, 2018

Program Cost: $100

Applicant criteria: Applicants that align to our program must:

1. Be a researcher interested in building capacity for community engaged research

2. Have at least one year of graduate level study

3. Have a willingness to be culturally humble

4. Be available for the entire experience from September 17 to September 20

Please be aware that this program is on an application basis and space is limited. If you are selected, registration and payment information will be provided to you using the email you indicate on the application. Apply through our webpage. Applications are due by August 3, 2018. Email Jessica De Santis at with any questions or concerns.

Event Location

  • Silver Spring Community Center
  • 5460 N. 64th St.
  • Milwaukee, WI 53218
Silver Spring Community Center Google map location