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Kern Institute Connection Café

January 27, 2022 | 4–5 p.m. MCW_Icons_Make_An_Appointment_Green iCAL

Seeking Peer Outreach: An Integrated, Tiered Approach to Address Stigma and Isolation in Healthcare Education

This discussion features student presenters Meg Lieb, Marissa O’Hair, Justin York, and Cassandra Balson and moderators Kerri Corcoran, MS; David Cipriano, PhD; Chris Davis, MD; and Jeff Fritz, PhD.

Please join us for a student-led discussion that will focus on a student-led initiative to address mental health and promote suicide prevention among medical students at MCW. This presentation will describe the "Seeking Peer Outreach Initiative" currently underway at the MCW-Central Wisconsin Campus and its potential application to the MCW community at large, as well as in the communities we serve.

Following the presentation, there will be an opportunity for discussion with the panel members to explore practical strategies for adoption of the "Seeking Peer Outreach Initiative" in our varied settings.

Event Location

  • Live Virtual Event via Zoom