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Medical College of Wisconsin Center Boards

The Center Boards of the Medical College of Wisconsin play a critical role in increasing commu­nity awareness of MCW's major programs and raising private funds. The Center Boards include Wisconsin’s top business, professional and civic leaders who are committed to advancing medical research at MCW.

Medical research is the necessary step to discovering improved methods to diagnose, treat and ultimately cure and prevent diseases. Private support is more important than ever as competition increases for federal grant support. The fundraising efforts of Center Board members have supported:

  • Seed funding, which allows researchers to develop a track record to compete for and leverage long-term federal funds. Seed funds have led to and will continue to lead to larger federal or private agency grants that have the potential to result in breakthrough treatments and cures for disease.
  • Bridge funding for researchers while they renew grants.

Center Boards

Cancer Center


Therese D. Burkhart


Founding Co-Chairs

† Melodie Wilson Oldenburg

† Frank J. Pelisek


Interim Co-Directors

Hallgeir Rui, MD, PhD
James Thomas, MD PhD



Ginny Bolger

Susan Donovan

Brian Ellenbecker 

Elizabeth (Lili) Friedman

Alice J. Gathman

W. Scott Gray

Leila Hanson

Kadie Jelenchick

Walter Kunicki

Arlene Lee

Joan P. Lubar

P. Michael Mahoney

Alan Murphy

Susan (Sue) Northey

Morgan Oldenburg

Laura Peck

Linda Rieke, CPA, CFP

Richard L. Schmidt

Kathy Schwab

Don Shane

Ed Stein

Wm. O. Steinberg

Mona Theobald

Cathy White 


Emeritus Members

† Christine Hamilton Foote

† Ann Ellis Heil

Gwen T. Jackson

Randolph T. Myricks

† Melodie Wilson Oldenburg

† Philip W. Orth

† Richard Van Deuren


Emeritus Director

J. Frank Wilson, MD


† deceased

Cancer Center

Cardiovascular Center


Lynnea S. Katz-Petted


Founding Chair

Bruce E. Jacobs



Sally Bentley
Marybeth Budisch
Carl (Chip) Burghardt
Cellene Byrne
Kristine H. Cleary
Dominic Colonna
Gael Garbarino Cullen
Mark Curran
Laura Freedy
Frederic G. Friedman
Phillip S. Georges
Ellen Glaisner
Eckhart Grohmann
Barry Grossman
Gordon H. Gunnlaugsson
Stanley F. Hack
Mikel Holt

Bruce E. Jacobs
Dr. Michael H. Keelan, Jr.
Sarah Wright Kimball
John Kirchgeorg
Dr. Vincent Kuttemperoor
William H. Levit, Jr.
William Mielke
Daniel M. Muchin
John K. Schultz
Johan Segerdahl
Nancy J. Sennett
Sonia Shields Stowe
Bruce Smith

Dale A. Thoma


Emeritus Members

James D. Bell
Priscilla Boelter
† William D. Browne
John J. Burke, Jr.

Gary V. Zimmerman, FAIA



Ivor J. Benjamin, MD


Senior Associate Director

David Gutterman, MD

† deceased

Cardiovascular Center

Digestive Disease Center


Tami O'Brien


Founding Chair

† Robert H. Friebert



Chuck Benjamin

Ruth H. Brash
Kathryn Brumder
Scott Drees
Karin M. Gale
Mike Groth
Linda L. Grunau
Doris H. Heiser
Madeline Henry
Neil Keller
Jan Lennon
Tami O'Brien
Jamie Sandsmark
Paul J. Siepmann
Karen A. Trimble
Bryan Waltersdorf
Carol A. Wuesthoff
Erika G. Zaiser

† deceased


Emeritus Members

Morry L. Birnbaum
Barbara K. Boxer
Douglas S. Levy
Barbara B. Zaiser



Reza Shaker, MD

Manu Sood, MBBS

Digestive Disease Research and Care

Neuroscience Center


James M. Holcomb


Founding Chairs

T. Michael Bolger, JD

James M. Holcomb



John Bosbous

Kimberly Brennan

Mary Brennan-Druml

Steven Carlson

Richard Cosentino

Al Costigan

Brian D. Eckrose

Mike Gehl

Eugene T. Jacobus

Sharon Kailas 

France Lavin

Jan Lennon

Terri McKenzie

Warren Pierson 

George Prescott

Dr. Bryon Riesch 

John Selix

Bonnie Timarac

Benjamin Wagner



Cecilia Hillard, PhD


Ex Officio

Julie Kerk

Neuroscience Research Center