AUDIO: Dr. Dwinell participated in the For Your Health program on WTMJ's Wisconsin Weekend radio program with Steve Daniels. Dr. Dwinell discussed his recent grant support and its potential impact on pancreas cancer at MCW.  > Play Audio

Pancreatic Cancer Research

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Footage of Ishan Roy working in the Dwinell lab was part of a video for the We Care Fund. The video was shown at Sept 9th's Milwaukee Brewers game. The We Care Fund supports labs like the Dwinell lab with the goal of accelerate the development of advanced, life-saving solutions in the fields of cancer, cardiovascular disease, organ transplantation, and trauma. Dr. Michael Dwinell is a member of the scientific committee for the We Care Fund.

We Care Fund Featuring Bob Uecker

Videomicrograph of intestinal epithelium migrating, from left to right, into an experimentally made wound. Over 18 hours the untreated cells actively migrate to cover the ulcerated surface (video 1). Video 2 shows cells that have been treated with an antiinflammatory compound.  These data suggest clinical anti-inflammatory agents interfere with epithelial migration and wound healing. (Data collected by Dr. Noah Zimmerman)

Video 1


Video 2            



The Dwinell lab was featured in a September 2008 news segment entitled "Lighting Up Cancer" with reporter Julie Feldman of WITI Milwaukee. The segment discusses a laboratory research tool used to track cancer cells which is based on the same protein involved in firefly illumination. The technique was not discovered by the Dwinell lab, however, the Dwinell lab was one of the first to utilize the technique at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Source: WITI Fox6 News

Lighting Up Cancer