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11th Annual Immunology Scientific Retreat

The Center for Immunology held the 11th Annual Immunology Scientific Retreat in the Health Research Center on the main Medical College of Wisconsin campus. All were welcome to enjoy the day’s immunology members presentations and poster session.

Our distinguished lecturer, Michael Farrar, PhD, joined us from the University of Minnesota where he is a Professor and Virginia and David C. Utz Land Grant Chair in Fundamental Immunobiology. He initiated the day with his presentation on the development of regulatory T cells, or Tregs, subsets and described their importance in immune tolerance in different tissues. To follow was a presentation by Professor and Chief of Pediatric Rheumatology, Calvin Williams, MD, PhD, on A Critical Role for Peripherally Induced Regulatory T cells in Mucosal Homeostasis. Anthony E. Zamora, PhD, Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine, presented a brief talk on Neoantigen-specific CD8+ T Cells from Pediatric Patients with ALL Exhibit Phenotypic and Functional Heterogeneity. The afternoon commenced with Vera Tarakanova, PhD, Associate Professor in the Department of Microbiology & Immunology with a presentation discussion on Gammaherpesviruses and IRFs: Manipulating the Enemy, detailing how viruses modulate immune responses.

The Scientific Retreat held 5 additional presentations throughout the day from submitted abstracts. Our abstract winners were Robyn Oldham (Medin Lab), Wen Zhu (Wang Lab), Yao Chen (Cui Lab), Christopher Jondle, PhD (Tarakanova Lab), Katy LaFond, MA (Gantner Lab), Mahmoud Abu Eid (Dwinell Lab). Each provided a 15 minute presentation on their ongoing research.

To conclude the day, the Retreat held a poster and social discussion session in the Alumni Center. The session included 27 abstract poster presentations that ran concurrent with a reception. View the entire Immunology retreat schedule and abstracts (PDF).