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2021 REDIRECT Conference

Please Join Us for the 2021 REDIRECT Conference!

Wednesday, October 20 | 10:30 am-5:00 pm (CST)
Location: Virtual Zoom Conference

We invite you to attend our 2021 Research in Early childhood Development by Improving Resiliency and EQuiTy (REDIRECT) Conference. For the past four years, REDIRECT has been conducting and disseminating research, and we would like to share our scholarly findings and continue the discussion with you.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand and evaluate research findings and scholarly frameworks from the REDIRECT project
  • Apply REDIRECT research findings to community action through systems changes and policy advocacy in early childhood education (ECE)
  • Identify ECE needs and questions to create new academic/community research teams and proposals

Conference Sessions:

  • 11:00am: Session 1: Laura Cassidy, Sergey Tarima, et al- Prematurity, Evictions, and 3rd Grade Outcomes
  • 12:15pm: Session 2: John Fantuzzo, U-Pennsylvania - Keynote on Actionable Intelligence and Social Policy
  • 1:30pm: Session 3: Staci Young, John Meurer, Fabrice Jotterand- Structural Determinants, Developmental Screening, and Health Equity Framework
  • 2:45pm: Session 4: MKE CARES and Several Pilot Grant Project Reports

*Panel discussion and participant Q&A during each session

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