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Academic Support and Enrichment Services at MCW

The Office of Academic Support and Enrichment is dedicated to serving the MCW student body and facilitating academic success through a variety of programs and services. Faculty are encouraged to learn about these resources at MCW and refer students for support as needed. Academic Consultation: What is it? Many of us are familiar with academic advising and receiving guidance on courses, degree requirements, and institutional policies.

Academic Consultation differs significantly from the typical academic advising session. Academic Support and Enrichment has intentionally delineated academic consultation as a tailored experience for students to work collaboratively with their staff to develop their professional learner skills and to identity and address unique needs and goals. Together they explore challenges, create strategies, connect resources and build skills to make students more effective and balanced learners.

Academic Support and Enrichment view learners from a holistic perspective. They understand the many roles students hold outside of the academic sphere are deeply connected with their capacity and ability to perform within it. They take into consideration students’ unique needs, backgrounds and current skill sets when determining how they can get students closer toward their academic goals while maintaining their personal wellbeing.

Some of the topics they frequently discuss with students are:

  • Improving learning strategies
  • Time management
  • Test anxiety and strategies
  • Accountability and motivation
  • Best resources
  • Board exam preparation
  • Personal concerns and wellbeing
  • General support needs
  • Peer Tutoring

The MCW Tutor Team consists of passionate students from all campuses in the medical school and pharmacy school. They offer course specific guidance and support, as well as mentorship and wisdom on how to manage the academic workload and how to learn effectively and efficiently. Peer tutoring is a free resource for all students of any academic level for any academic goal. Whether they are having difficulty with a concept or are seeking some question and answer drills, the tutor team is prepared to meet their needs.

In addition to course specific support, they have recently added two writing tutors to the team. These individuals will be working closely with the Office of Career Services to support a broad array of writing needs: personal statements, curriculum vitae development, scholarship essays, manuscripts, etc. Other Programming In addition to Academic Consultation and Peer Tutoring, their office provides Academic Enhancement, a supplemental instruction program that spans across the first, second, and third year of medical school, and lunch and learn workshops on how we learn, time management, progressive muscle relaxation, test anxiety, and more. If you have questions regarding resources and programs available to students, please contact Cheryl Crawford or Molly Falk-Steinmetz.