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CAI Announces Cardiovascular Focused Ensembles Funding Opportunity

Despite incredible progress made in our understanding and treatment of cardiovascular diseases over the past several decades, large unmet needs remain in our care of our patients and our communities related to cardiovascular diseases. In collaboration with the Clinical and Translational Science Institute of Southeast Wisconsin (CTSI), the Cardiovascular Academic Initiative will be investing in a Team Science approach to support up to four teams to address these unmet clinical needs.

The full "Request for Application" can be found on the CTSI website. Peer-reviewed, selected projects will have access to the following support to maximize the success of their efforts:

  • Administrative support from CTSI-based Project Managers
  • Data Analyst support from the CAI
  • Clinical Research Coordinator/Assistant support from the CAI
  • An initial $50,000 “Line of Credit” to support the project with additional funds available based on project progress

If you have an idea about an unmet clinical need in cardiovascular care but need help identifying and recruiting "teammates" for your Ensemble, the CTSI and CAI will help you with this process. Please contact Amberly Anger, Project Manger for the CAI (aanger@mcw.edu) or Michael Anello, CTSI Sr. Project Manager (manello@mcw.edu).