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Dr. Gwen Lomberk Receives R01 Grant to Develop New Treatment Approaches for Pancreatic Cancer Patients

Gwen Lomberk, PhD

Gwen Lomberk, PhD, associate professor of surgery and pharmacology & toxicology and chief of the division of research in the Department of Surgery, has been awarded a five-year, $2.2 million new R01 grant for the project titled, “Targeting Epigenomic Regulators at the Replication Fork in PDAC” from the National Cancer Institute.

The NCI-funded R01 grant is focused on uncovering a window of opportunity to provide novel targets and treatment approaches for pancreatic cancer, a painful and deadly disease. Their approach seeks to understand the intersection of normal processes required to duplicate the genome and how these processes then tolerate rapid division of cancer with the goal of using this knowledge to find targetable vulnerabilities. The lab’s ultimate hope is to advance toward informed and improved therapeutic strategies for pancreatic cancer patients.