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Dr. Ivor Benjamin onstage at Apple product launch

Ivor Benjamin, MD, director of the Cardiovascular Center, professor of medicine (cardiovascular) and President of the National Board of Directors for the American Heart Association (AHA), represented the AHA onstage with Apple’s chief operating officer, Jeff Williams, as part of Apple’s Sept. 12 product launch.

Among the products that were announced is the refined Apple Watch Series 4, which includes new functionality that provides the ability for people to access health data from an on-demand Electrocardiogram (ECG).

“I am inspired by innovation, and this is game changing. This feature has the potential to be transformative, especially when evaluating atrial fibrillation.” said Dr. Benjamin. “Giving consumers deeper health insights by capturing meaningful data about their heart rate, right when it’s happening, is of key importance. This functionality has the potential to be significant in new clinical care models, and shared decision making between people and their healthcare providers.”

Dr. Ivor Benjamin at Apple product launch on Sept. 12