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Dr. Jason W. Sidabras Joins Department of Biophysics Faculty

Jason W. Sidabras, PhD, has been appointed assistant professor in the Department of Biophysics. Dr. Sidabras’s current research focuses on advancing state-of-the-art magnetic resonance instrumentation to improve sensitivity to study both structural and functional enzymatic activity.

Dr. Sidabras earned his BS in electrical engineering technology in 2003 from the Milwaukee School of Engineering and his MS in electrical engineering in 2010 from Marquette University. From 2003–2015, Dr. Sidabras worked as a research engineer in the National Biomedical EPR Center in the Department of Biophysics under Prof. James S. Hyde.

He completed his PhD in physics in 2020 from the Technical University Dortmund in Germany as a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Fellow within the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion, where his work focused on single-crystal electron paramagnetic resonance for samples with limited volume (less than 27 nl). This work allows one to perform magnetic resonance experiments on the same protein crystals used for modern x-ray diffraction, yielding the full electronic tensor and how it relates to the structure of the enzyme.

Dr. Sidabras was honored with the JEOL Young Investigator Award at ISMAR2017 and the Young Investigator Award for Outstanding Oral Presentation at EPR2017. He has 37 peer-reviewed publications and holds two US patents and two WO patents.

Dr. Sidabras is open to all interdisciplinary collaborations; see his FCD for more information.