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Dr. Patrick Murphy Receives Collaborative for Healthcare Delivery Science 2021-22 Fellowship

Patrick Murphy, MD, MSc, MPH, assistant professor of surgery (trauma and acute care), has been selected to receive the 2021-2022 Collaborative for Healthcare Delivery Science (CHDS) Fellowship. His proposed project aims to understand the patient perspective in acute gallstone disease and adapt the acute care surgery model to achieve care important to patients.

The fellowship is one component of the CHDS educational arm, which seeks to provide an instructional framework for trainees interested in projects that improve safety, quality, or patient experience, and that will improve patient outcomes for the same or lower costs. The overarching goal of CHDS is to improve the value delivered to patients through the intersection of healthcare operations, improvement methodology, and health service research.

The fellowship selection committee included Ann Nattinger, MD, MPH; Siddhartha Singh, MD, MS, MBA; Liliana Pezzin PhD, JD; David Brousseau, MD, MS; Kathlyn Fletcher, MD, MA; Purushottam Laud, PhD; and Melek Somai, MD, MPH.

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