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EM + MCW Public Safety partnership

Emergency Medicine and Public Safety training

The Division of EMS Medicine/Department of Emergency Medicine recently had the opportunity to partner with the MCW Department of Public Safety on healthcare training for their officers. “We value the work that Public Safety does to keep us safe on campus and are committed to partner on this important mission. Given the crisis that we all face across the country with issues of opioid overdose and active shooter events-- the need for this training and partnership is timely,” says Dr. Riccardo Colella, Division Chief of EMS Medicine.

Through this collaboration, two workshops were delivered to all of the MCW Public Safety Officers: Stop the Bleed and Naloxone Antidote for Opioid Overdose. The Stop the Bleed program is a national awareness campaign and call-to-action launched in 2015 to identify and address life-threatening bleeding. Officers learned the fundamentals of applying direct pressure, tourniquet application, and other hemorrhage control techniques in a didactic and hands-on presentation. The Naloxone Antidote for Opioid Overdose training prepares the office to recognize the signs and symptoms of a potential opioid overdose and provides the training and prescription to deliver naloxone, an opioid antidote.

“We are working with MCW Public Safety on all the aspects of the implementation of a naloxone administration program and hemorrhage control training across the campus. Through this partnership, we will create a safer campus for all our employees and visitors,” says Dr. Matthew Chinn, EMS Division faculty and Public Safety liaison.

These programs will allow our campus first-responder to help save a life until EMS can arrive to continue care to the hospital.

Emergency Medicine and Public Safety workshop