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Generous Endowment Renames Advanced Ocular Imaging Program to Honor Dennis P. Han, MD

The Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences is excited to announce that a grateful donor has established an endowment that will honor the legacy of Dr. Dennis P. Han, Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at the Medical College of Wisconsin. It renames the prestigious Advanced Ocular Imaging Program at MCW as the “Dennis P. Han, MD Advanced Ocular Imaging Program”.

For more than 30 years Dr. Dennis P. Han has helped shape the national reputation of the Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences with his commitment to excellence and dedication to MCW’s mission of delivering compassionate, research-based patient care. As a leader and mentor, his influence on generations of medical students, residents and fellows has been incalculable.

In 2009, Dr. Han joined Joseph Carroll, PhD in creating the Advanced Ocular Imaging Program (AOIP) to promote the development and use of translational ocular imaging tools to improve detection, diagnosis, and management of eye disease. Their initial focus was to create a culture of collaboration between research faculty and physicians. What emerged was a truly unique infrastructure, where the common language was imaging.

The endowment is a lasting recognition of Dr. Han’s contributions to the advancement of medicine through developing a culture of collaboration between research faculty, physicians and students. Every patient and every research volunteer seen in the AOIP brings discovery and innovation to build on for the benefit of our fellow human beings—an ideal for which Dr. Han has strived throughout his career. The funding generated from the endowment will accelerate research within the AOIP and support new research projects for vision science students to advance their education and make new discoveries. Furthermore, it will provide critical support to enable our researchers to more effectively compete for extramural federal funding.

We look forward to growing this endowment and watching the AOIP continue to expand on Dr. Han’s incredible work. If you are interested in contributing to the endowment, please contact Gina Vrtochnick, Director of Development for Ophthalmology, at (414) 805-3309 or gvrtochnick@mcw.edu. Gifts can also be made here.