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MCW and Emergency Medicine Partner with Versiti for Another “Donor Center Takeover”

Thanks to the tremendous participation of MCW faculty, staff and students in the September blood drive, Versiti Blood Center of Wisconsin has invited MCW and the Department of Emergency Medicine to host another “Donor Center Takeover” November 18–20. As the sole provider of blood to every hospital in the Greater Milwaukee area, blood donations through Versiti are crucial for local patients.

Join the MCW community of lifesavers and be a hero by signing up to donate during our second “Donor Center Takeover” Wednesday, Nov. 18, though Friday, Nov. 20. The Emergency Medicine Department and MCW have partnered with Versiti to offer an easy way to schedule to donate blood at the Wauwatosa Donor Center. This donor event is not restricted to MCW audiences. Encourage your friends and family to sign up, too!

Wednesday, November 18: 11 am–6:45 pm
Thursday, November 19: 9:15 am–6:45 pm
Friday, November 20: 7 am–1:30 pm

Versiti Wauwatosa Donor Center
8733 Watertown Plank Road
Wauwatosa, WI 53226

Open to all MCW faculty, staff, and students + your friends and family

COVID-19 Antibody Testing

Versiti is pleased to announce that the SARS CoV-2 antibody test, AKA COVID-19 Antibody Test (CAT), is performed on all blood donations as part of our standard testing. The test will inform donors if they have antibodies reflective of a prior COVID-19 infection and is not to inform donors if they currently have COVID-19. View more information about COVID-19 antibody testing.

Blood Drives and Blood Donation Are Safe

Rest assured, Versiti takes every precaution when it comes to donor and patient safety (more information below). The donation process itself poses no risk of infecting a donor with coronavirus. Donors should be reassured that attending organized blood drives is safe. Coronavirus is currently not known to infect patients through blood transfusions.

Donor Health & Registration

  • All donor-facing staff will have their temperature taken prior to beginning their work day
  • Donors temperatures will be taken at registration to ensure they are not elevated prior to entering donation areas
  • Donors will be asked if they've come in contact with someone who's tested positive for COVID-19
  • Donors will be asked to wash hands prior to screening
  • Donors will be asked if they are currently experiencing coughing or shortness of breath
  • If any of the above is true, donors will be asked to self-defer

Social Distancing

  • We encourage all donors to make an appointment to lessen the amount of people waiting at our donor centers
  • To comply with government regulations, all sponsors and donors must wear personal masks at donor centers and mobile drives
  • Ensuring six feet of space between chairs in waiting areas and cafe
  • Ensuring six feet of space between donation chairs and/or separation with medical screens
  • If appointment registration congestion occurs, we will ask for your cell phone number and text when your appointment is ready


  • We clean all equipment, beds, and other surfaces after each donor finishes their donation
  • Changing gloves frequently and between donors is part of our normal practice
  • We will maintain sanitized pen bins, so donors are only using clean pens at sign-in