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Multi-Institution Problem-Based Learning: How the MS in Anesthesia Is Educating During the COVID Crisis

In the current Work from Home environment, we’ve all encountered challenges to the way things have always been done before. This also creates many new opportunities. MCW’s MSA program is leading an effort to connect Anesthesiologist Assistant schools to create new Problem-Based Learning (PBL) encounters between their peers.

This collaboration between schools is more than just sharing information. These schools have agreed to share content on one conferencing platform, combining all their students into a single site to outline the problem and initiate the discussions. Schools will then break off into their own small group environments and participate in the activities. Finally, they will re-group and collectively share what they have learned. These decisions are being made with the student experience as the highest priority. Having facilitators at each school is critical to the consistency of the student experiences. Having a broader range of presenters also allows students to hear about cases from across the country.

This collaboration is a great example of a growth mindset and agile design to adapt to a quickly changing educational environment.