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OEI’s Top “Reads” for 2020

Brett Becker, Application Systems Analyst II:


“I find his insights into higher education in an online context to be quite interesting and thought-provoking. He has been working in online education basically since its inception in a variety of capacities and I think he has a great ability to draw out important threads and generate honest and important discussion.”

Amy Beierle, Instructional Designer:

Untamed by Glennon Doyle

“This is a book I will continuously come back to. It’s a memoir about the voice inside of us that strives to the best at everything we do, but ultimately leaves us feeling weary, stuck, overwhelmed, and underwhelmed. It’s a beautiful story and one that I know will resonate with me differently during different parts of my life.”

Amy Bingenheimer, Program Manager II:

Hello Sunshine Podcast Series

“Founded by Reese Witherspoon, Hello Sunshine puts women at the center of every story women create, celebrate, and discover. The stories shine a light on where women are now and helping them chart a new path forward in today's world.”

Chris Glasel, Application Systems Analyst II:

Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You by Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi

“With all of the racism in our country especially in the past year, this book helped me learn and understand racism better.”

Kelly Horton, Interprofessional Education Coordinator:

Scene on Radio Podcast Season 2 – Seeing White

“It is basically a primer on white supremacy in the US from inception to now. I always knew that our country was built on white supremacy, but the podcast series thoroughly explained it in detail.”

Lynn Lewandowski, Application Systems Analyst III:

Mindset, The Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck

“I appreciate the positive message for re-framing how one approaches any situation.”

Johnny Neist, Instructional Designer:

Post Corona: From Crisis to Opportunity by Scott Galloway

 “While Galloway is an economics professor & podcaster primarily, he has a good feel for the currents of higher ed and tech. He makes a lot of predictions, which I like….and has been predicting the Fed breakup of Facebook and Google for years now. His take that the pandemic has been an accelerant is something I agree with—as we’ve seen here at MCW with the rapid inclusion of online learning in 2020.”