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Radiology Faculty Receive MCW Awards

Radiology faculty were recognized for their outstanding contributions to the MCW academic mission, as well as their continued dedication to our patients and students.

Dr. James Youker received a plaque for 50 years of service. Dr. Mark Hohenwalter received a similar plaque for 20 years of service.

MCW Outstanding Medical Student Teacher pins are awarded based upon feedback from medical students. The pins can be awarded to faculty, residents, fellows, and graduate students. The pins are a great honor, and worn with pride by recipients. This year’s recipients included Drs. Keith Baynes, Joseph Budovec, Tejaswini Deshmukh, Melissa Dubois, Michael Holt, Teresa Kelly, Zachary Laste, Thomas Lindsay, Shadie Majidi, Danielle Nagel, Matthew Plunk, Kaila Redifer, Matthew Shore, John Symanski, and Saivenkat Vagvala. Drs. Edgar DeYoe, Yu Liu, and Yonggang Liu were recognized for their graduate student teaching. Dr. William Rilling was presented with the Lee A. Bilbo Excellence in Professionalism award. The award is presented to five clinical faculty members each year to recognize outstanding commitment to professionalism, compassion, collegiality, mentoring, and community that Dr. Biblo exemplified during his time with the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Our congratulations and thanks to all our radiologists for their commitment to the next generation of doctors!