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Research Seed Funding Invests in MCW Globally Engaged Faculty

The Office of Global Health continues to invest in MCW's globally engaged faculty and their collaborators with research seed funding. For FY22, the following three faculty were awarded funding for research with global collaborators in Colombia, Ethiopia, and Haiti.

  • Dr. Mary (Libby) Schroeder, assistant professor of surgery, Pediatric traumatic brain injury in Hawassa, Ethiopia: Injury patterns, hospital course and 6-month outcomes with Hawassa University
  • Dr. Christopher Dodgion, associate professor of surgery, Support Dissemination of Haitian-led Research Throughout Global Platforms with La Centre d’ Information et de Formation en Administration de la Santé, Haiti
  • Dr. Alice Yan, associate professor of medicine, Double Burden of Malnutrition in South America: Establish a partnership between the Medical College of Wisconsin and Republic of Colombia with Universidad Metropolitana de Barranquilla

Additionally, supplemental funds are awarded for a promising research initiative, Open Data Science Initiative in Global Health in the Middle East, Northern Africa (MENA) Region for Dr. Melik Somai, assistant professor of medicine and the Institute Pasteur in Tunisia.

Competitive funding is based on these principles of global engagement:

  • Credibility: Trustworthy and based on relationship building;
  • Health Equity: Efforts address and promote health promotion, access to healthcare and justice;
  • Multidisciplinary: Faculty whether from clinical medicine or basic science research and education will integrate across disciplines to address global health concerns with local and/or global partners;
  • Reciprocal: MCW faculty and local or global partner(s) will mutually benefit from the research collaboration;
  • Social Justice: Global health efforts are be based on the principles of equality and solidarity, that understands and values human rights, and that recognizes health as a human right; and
  • Sustainability: The long-term monitoring and maintenance of global health partnership activities, must encompass the concept of stewardship and guarantee of new resource allocation and extramural funding

Over the last three years of funding, the Office of Global Health continues to evaluate the impact on leveraging modest seed funds for additional extramural funding.

MCW faculty interested in funding for collaborative global health research are invited to apply for a seed grant which is a small research project that can be completed in one year and support research activities such as pilot and feasibility studies and/or secondary analysis of existing data. Completed applications are due on or before June 1, annually. Its excepted outcome should be submission to a larger funding proposal. If you have any questions, please contact Tifany Frazer, manager of the Office of Global Health, tfrazer@mcw.edu.